Hellooooo guys, I finally came up with an idea for the cans that I was collecting all summer long. And the genius idea iiiiiiiis... drum rolls please :D Coasters made of cans! They turned out pretty good, I really like the colors. 

At first I was thinking to use candy packages but the result was awful, the colors of the packages started to melt down because of the glue and I had to come up with another idea, which now I see it's much better.

I got the glass from my previous job, the building next to the office makes furniture and this was one of the samples they threw in the garbage. I saw the samples in the garbage bin and I took them home :D I knew that I can make something with them :)))

And here is a part of the cans that I was collecting all summer long, many thanks to my wonderful kind colleagues who were giving me cans, I usually don't drink soft drinks and they really helped me with the cans collection :)

Here is what you will need:

And here we go, this is the result :D

I love Coca Cola's logo, it's fresh and cool, it's awesome. So I decided that I need to make something with the packages which I collected all summer long. And I came up with this fun idea.

For the project you will need a glue, scissors, some Coca Cola packages and this glass thing that you see below. You'll just need to glue the packages to the glass, it's a 10 min project, a very easy one.

Here is the final result :)

And then I made one with acrylic paint, it turned out pretty cool, I like it. 

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