Hi guys, I know I haven't posted for a while but some bad things happen to me. I moved out from my mother's house and on the third night there they stole my camera. My yellow camera. I also can't find my tablet anywhere. And my yellow iPhone!!! It seems that they are stolen too! So at the moment I'm sad and I don't feel like blogging. But it's okay, I will get over it, this can't stop me. I'm a tough cookie, a tough vegan cookie :D Anyways... so here are the three ways to save money ;)

1. Be a vegan for at least a week

If you go vegan for at least once a month you will save a lot of cash. We spend a lot of our money on food and drinks. Plus this would be good for your health of course. And for the animals! You can cut out the Starbucks frappuccinos for example. You can make any shakes and smoothies at home.

2. Buy an Ipod instead of an Iphone

This is for the fans of Apple like me. Do you know how much is the newest Iphone? It is double the price of the newest Ipod. You can buy the new Ipod now and use it for browsing the Internet, watching video clips, listening to music or whatever you want to do with the mega bytes you have. Plus the new Ipods look much cooler than the new Iphones, they are more colorful. You can do pretty much anything with the Ipod, the only thing you can't do is making phone calls with it. But for the phone calls you can still use your old phone. You'll have to bring two phones with you but you'll save a lot of money this way.

3. Buy kids shoes and clothing instead of adults clothing

Source: Dechatlon.bg

These I bought from Decathlon for about 11 euros, they were the largest size 38 in the kids department. And they are very comfortable by the way, you can use them in the mountains or for everyday use. I got one more set of shoes from decathlon - my tennis shoes are from there as well, they are kids shoes too, again size 38.

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