I always think like 10 steps ahead. So when we were building our fireplace I told the guys who were building it that I want a TV right over the fireplace and I need a power socket for it, a power socket right behind the TV.

They told me "No! You can't have a TV over a fireplace, the TV will melt down." And I was like "Really? REALLY? So how the hell I see so many pictures with TVs over fireplaces, how the hell does this work in the States for example? But here in Bulgaria this can't be done?!?!" They told me, these fireplaces you see on the pictures are not real fireplaces, they are "decor" fireplaces." Pffff! Bullshit! There is a way doing this! There is always a way! But it seemed that they didn't know how to do it! But never mind... It's my mother's house, at the end she said that she doesn't want to risk our brand new TV so we agreed with those guys and I had to come up with some other place for the TV. And our living room is super mega tiny! There was no other way instead of placing the TV right next to the fireplace. And I decided that it needs to be on the left of the fireplace, placed high above. And I told them!!! I told them a couple of times that we need a power socket right behind the TV, I knew that there will be at least two TV wires hanging below the TV and I wanted to hide them. But they said that there is no way a cable can go behind the wall, the heat will melt down the cable too. Again... "There is no way!" I hate that sentence. No, you just can't come up with the right idea for it!!! I'm getting angry again, I'm sorry guys.

They don't think how this will look in the end, they just want to finish their job and get out of there. But I'm going to live THERE! I need everything to look nice and tidy!!!

So you know what happened? The cables are now hanging below the TV! And I had, I HAD to come up with an idea how I can hide those black ugly cables. So this is what I thought of a week ago.

These are clothespins, one day I saw them in one of those big stores for home decor and I decided that I need them. I didn't know what I'll do with them but they came in handy last week  :D


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