One day I went to Jumbo, a big store for toys and all other kinds of cute little stuff. I went to get a bottle of blue paint which cost exactly 3.99 levs.

I went in. I didn't get a basket. I told to myself: You are getting the paint and you're going out of there fast otherwise you'll end up buying hundreds of things that you don't really need! One hour later I went out  of the store with a huge bag and a receipt listing stuff for 120 levs. I was going to shoot myself! And the funny thing is that two days ago I did exactly the same thing! I went to the same store, this time for a bottle of white paint and in the end of the crazy unexpected shopping I paid 150 leva! How is this possible?

So the first time I went to Jumbo for the blue paint, I saw those bamboo sticks, their price was just 0.85 levs! I bought three of them. I didn't know what I'll do with them but I wanted to have them :D

Then a few days later I came up with this idea. I just connected two of the sticks and the cornice was done :))) But don't think that it was that easy! Do you know how hard is to break a bamboo? Veeeeeeery hard!

The guys who did our windows made a huge mess after them! Do you see all the spots on the board in the picture below? And the board was brand new! So a week ago I decided that I need to paint that dirty white board. If it's white, it should be snow white! I like everything clean and tidy. If you ask my mom, she will tell you that I leave a mess everywhere, but for me it's not a mess, it's an organized chaos. I know where my stuff are. And I always keep everything clean! I hate dirty dishes, dirty table! They just made me frustrated... In school they used to call me Monk, you know that crazy guy from the tv show MONK.

So here is what I did with the window board, it was very easy, 10 min DIY project :) You can paint it in whatever color you want, I chose gold because I already have some gold details in the room. Just don't forget to put some tape and papers around the board because the spray paint will go all over the windows. 



I did some paint drops and splashes, I LOVE the splashes :D

Here is the final look!

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