After about ONE THOUSAND cuts on my precious hands I finished our kitchen's backsplash wall.Yes I did! I thought I won't ever do it, but I did. I'm very proud of myself! Please imagine the happiest emoticon ever :D

I've  always wanted one of those fancy kitchen backsplash walls with the cute tiny ceramic tiles but you know how expensive these things are?!!? Very very expensive! At least for my budget...which is around 0 at the moment because I'm saving all my money for my journey in September.

So one day I went to one of those big hardware stores to buy some yellow paint for my bike (I updated my bike recently :D) and while I was walking around the store I saw those BEAUTIFUL green tiles. The color is just awesome! I don't know why but this year it seems that my favorite color, after the yellow of course, is that lovely light green color. So I thought to myself: 'I can try to do a backsplash wall with these tiles, I will be Gaudi for a day! I love Gaudi, he is hands down my favourite architect for all times! His work is out of this world! And Barcelona? My favorite city in Europe! Such a colorful, unique, old, interesting and fun city, it's amazing... I visited it almost 10 years ago and I definitely want to go there again.

Gaudi’s most popular work is the temple Sagrada Familia, visited by 2.5 million people every year. Still under construction, the cathedral is expected to be completed in 2026 on the 100th anniversary of Gaudi’s death. Other amazing buildings of his include Casa Batllo and Casa Mila.

One of my favorites of Gaudi’s many works was Parc Guell. A garden complex built with architectural elements, it’s situated on a hill above the city. Constructed between 1900 and 1914, Parc Guell was originally intended as a market place for the residents near the park. Inside the park, the plaza is bordered by the colorful ceramic serpentine bench. The view from the plaza is spectacular and when it’s clear you can see as far as the Mediterranean Sea.
So I took the tiles, I also took some tiles glue and I headed back home. I started doing the backsplash wall three days ago, each day my mother yelled at me and was telling me how I am ruining our kitchen and how I need to finish this fast because she can have a normal dinner in our kitchen this way. But it wasn't that easy mom! You need to find the perfect pieces for each and every tiny spot, you need to break the tiles while you get the perfect tile, the perfect fit. It was very very frustrating at times! But I finished it! All is fine know, I'm very happy :)

And many thanks to the ZERO patience of my mother. She is a great mother but sometimes  she's VERY annoying :D

Okay, first step: Breaking the tiles! This was the fun part!

Second step: Gluing the tile pieces to the backsplash. It was like putting together a puzzle, really annoying at times.

Third step: Grouting the gaps between the tiles.

This task is less time-consuming and labor intensive than gluing the tiles, but it's even more important than making sure all your tiles are straight and look nice.

We had to change the kitchen faucet because I accidentally broke the old one :D

Everything looks better with a gold spray paint!

I changed the kitchen handles as well. The new ones are much cuter than the old ones, and more colorful!

Here are the Before and After pictures:

This is the final result. I'm feeling very tired but I'm happy that I finished the kitchen this week and now I'll have time to focus on the other DIY projects :)

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