Like I already told you guys I did some renovation/new decoration in our living room, our dining table and chairs are one of the things I outdated ;) Here you can see the BEFORE picture :D

Do you know how hard it was for me to convince my mom to let me put those chairs in our living room!?! She yelled and yelled and yelled again. Then she complained, complained.... and complained again. But in the end she agreed with me or at least let me do whatever I want and I am very grateful to her for her understanding :) Thank you mom!

So come on, take a seat, have a cup of coffee :D Meet my new pet, the yellow Dori :))))

I got the tablecloth from Jumbo for 3.40 levs! I got a discount because the packaging was torn.Can you believe it? :D Thank you Jumbo!

Please notice this thing on the wall! That´s my grand grand grand grandma's shelf! I´m not kidding, I found it in our barn. The wood is just beautiful...You can´t find  this at Ikea!

Have an apple please
and say bye to my bliss ;)


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