So I created this facebook page, it's called "Do you notice them?" And I try to show the colors, the lovely small details, the FLOWERS, the cool and beautiful people, I want it to be interesting, I want to tell different stories with beautiful pictures... And so far it goes well, yesterday I almost hit 200 likes, and I started it two days ago. I am very thankful for all those people who liked the page, thank you guys if you are reading this :)

So yesterday a very cool and nice thing happened. A lovely, very beautiful and kind girl contacted me on facebook and said that she will share my facebook page on her page and her profile! I was very touched, she is amazing. And she is very very talented, she makes cards, she does cinema make-up, she writes! Her writing is wonderful, I loved it :) I'm sure that she has other talents as well, I don't know her but I know that she is an incredible artist and I feel that she is very kind and good person too.

So I think I got inspired :D I don't have money for business cards now... but I need them, the people that I photograph ask me all the time why am I doing this, where can they see the pictures. And up till now I used to tell them my name so they can find me on facebook, but not everyone remembers it and it's hard for me this way. If I have a card I can just  give it to them and they can find me when they get back home and have time to look into my facebook page.

I love watercolor paintings, so I did some cute yellow/purple cards, you can see the process below. The other idea that I have is to give some small cute chocalates and candies, I have some at home now. And I will buy some later, they are not that expensive.

Don´t pay attention to the balls, perhaps you will be like: what are they doing in the picture? Well they are purple and yellow, get it? hahah Nevermind, one of the balls is a gym ball which I don't use and the other one is a pouf that I don't sit on. But they are so colorful and cute, I need them in my home :)

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