In high school and later in the university I used to wear dark clothes, my favorite color to wear was dark blue, but a few years ago I discovered the colorful clothes and the power they have on our mood. I am very thankful to a former colleague of mine who reminded me the importance of colors, she has an awesome sense of style.

It's amazing, think about it! If I see a person wearing yellow that immediately makes me happy, makes me smile. So I decided to show you some pics with some of my colorful clothes. My new obsession are the shirts with cute prints, I love them, my current favorite is a shirt with small colorful umbrellas, it's just lovely.

This is the mess that happens every morning when I can't decide what I should wear:)

Many thanks to another former colleague of mine who recommended me the second hand stores and the thrift shops. You can find some wonderful and unique things there! I am going next week to one of those, I am saving money for my apartment now and I can not afford buying clothes from the expensive brands.

Oh, I forgot to share something with you guys. We finally finished renovating our tiny living room last year. We now have a fireplace, it was very warm and cosy this past winter. But it's time for me to move out from my mother's house, it's time for me to decorate my own apartment. I chose Boho style, it's the perfect style for my mood now, balanced and peaceful, I need peace in my life. I don't want to experience manic or depressive episode again, these episodes destroy my mind.

My boyfriend wants us to live together now, I am not very sure about that, it's a big step for me. I've never lived with other people, I was living alone in Plovdiv, in America as well, I am not used to living with someone else, I don't know what will happen....

But nevermind, here are some pictures of our tiny living room.

The gallery wall is not finished yet, I need to make some amazing photos and put them in the frames. The pictures are old by the way, we have much better pillows now. The couch is from Ikea (almost everything is from Ikea) it's kind of ugly but we needed a sofa bed for when we have some guests over and this one was the only sofa bed that I liked, the others were even uglier.

I hate the table and the chairs,  they are very old, we bought them like 10 years  ago, we need to change them asap, my mother needs to change them actually, I am moving out :)

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