The Courts Cafe is the cafe where my classmates and I used to go almost every day. Today it is renovated with a nice dark purple color and some white-painted pallet sofas. I usually go there after my tennis practice.

Now please, let me show you some pics that I made with my incredible Nikon 7100:

Fauziq/Fiffy is 20 years old. Her sun sign is Gemini, her moon sign is also Gemini, which means that she is communicative, easily adaptable, agile, curious and changeable. Likes to read and meet new people, hates doing same stuff for ages.

She was my little cousin's friend in highschool and now I feel like she is my female little cousin. Crazy cousin though :D

Her favorite color is white. Her favorite flower is a white rose! What does the white rose symbolize?

It is not very hard to guess, the symbol of white roses has always been one of innocence and spiritual love. The white rose chooses the soul instead of the temptations of the flesh. While the red rose symbolizes red-blooded passion, the white rose's meaning is that of purity, loyalty, simplicity and honesty.

Fiffy's passion - techno music. I believe she will be a great dj one day. :)

This is Mitko, one of the best wedding photographers I know, he is one year younger than me and we used to go to the same high school. He plays tennis as well. You can check his photos here.

And the girl below is the sweetest child in Elin Pelin :)

I am still not good at tennis but I am determined to become better.

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