Yesterday I went to do get a tattoo.

I decided to get a tattoo when I was still in the hospital and when I got out I called Tsetsy who I know since highshool and who is a successful tattooist in Sofia now, I called him to ask him for an hour but the only available hour was on 8th September. Now when I am back to my normal self, my normal self plus the pills, I wasn't very sure for that decision of mine. Tattoos are something very important, something permanent. But I went and got the tattoo anyway...

See my fun day at Tsetsy's studio :)

And here is my tattoo - three violets. Two of them represent two very special people for me with the meaning of "remembrance" and the third violet represents me with the meaning of  "let's take a chance on happiness".

The next one will be a butterfly :D

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